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Social Security Disability

Are you shocked that  the Social Security Administration denied your application for disability benefits?  Are you confused about how to even begin an application for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration?  Are you frustrated about the mountains of paperwork and the overwhelming fear that any little mistake you make in your appeal can get you denied again?

If this sounds like you, please continue reading because this may be the most important and encouraging message you will ever read.  In the United States, it is not uncommon for legitimately disabled applicants to get denied on their first application.  In fact, more than 80% of the time, you will get DENIED.  And you should not think that your chances are going to be much better on your second attempt because about 80% of applications will be denied on their second attempt.

But just because the Social Security Administration denies you the first, or even a second time, does not mean that you can't appeal your denial and be awarded disability benefits.  Because our firm has a high rate of success, we can reliably take on clients knowing we have a good chance of winning your appeal and getting you the monthly disability payments you so desperately need and deserve.  That is why we can guarantee all social security clients we work with that we only get paid attorney fees if you win your case.  In other words, if we fight for you and you don't win, you DO NOT have to pay any attorney fees!  If you do win, our attorney fees are only a percentage of any backpay (past-due benefits) that are awarded to you.  We do not take money from any of your future monthly payments.

Contact us today for your FREE, no-risk conversation with an attorney to discuss your story about how your condition has made it impossible for you to support yourself.



Hundreds of thousands of people, including businesses, file bankruptcy each year.  Our firm understands that as an individual seeking bankruptcy relief, you are under a lot of stress and most likely are feeling overwhelmed and maybe even a little embarrassed.  You don't need to feel this way any longer.  Our firm is dedicated to helping relieve the stress and anxiety associated with financial distress and providing you, or your business, with a better future starting today.

There is a lot of misinformation about bankruptcy and you may believe that filing bankruptcy cannot benefit you or is something to avoid at all costs.  The truth is that bankruptcy protection is a powerful tool to help wipe out your debt, rebuild your credit, and get you back on your feet for a better financial future.  Our firm will show you how bankruptcy can be one of the most important financial tools available to you as a consumer or business owner.

Whether it is the loss of a job, the threat of a lawsuit, the threat of foreclosure, or simply not being able to make ends meet in hard economic times, remember that you are not alone.  We will provide you will all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.  Contact us today to take the first step to stop worrying about your debt.

Wills, Estates & Probate


While nobody wants to think about death or disability, establishing a comprehensive estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.  Proper estate planning not only puts you in greater control of your property and finances during you lifetime, but can also spare your loved ones significant expense, frustration, and delay in the event that you pass away or become disabled.

Our comprehensive approach to estate planning includes protecting real and personal property, designating health care and financial decision-makers, living wills, ensuring access to medical information and records, identifying preferred caretakers for minor children, as well as end-of-life, burial and other considerations.  Once your estate plan is in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have provided for yourself and those you love in case the worst happens.

When a loved one passes away, his or her estate often goes through a court-managed process called probate or estate administration where the assets of the deceased are managed and distributed.  The length of time needed to complete the probate of an estate depends on the size and complexity of the estate and the local rules and schedule of the probate court.

Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation is a way for individuals and businesses to obtain the help of an attorney without paying the full cost of representation.  Limited scope representation makes hiring a lawyer more affordable for low and moderate income individuals and allows attorneys to provide legal assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney.  Maryland court rules allow attorneys to enter limited appearances in court.

Some examples of limited scope representation are:

  • You representing yourself through the entire case, but consulting with an attorney who gives you advice on the law, procedures and strategy.

  • You having an attorney help you prepare the paperwork and you attending the hearing yourself.

  • You preparing the paperwork and hiring the attorney to appear in court for you.

  • You hiring the attorney to appear with you at a settlement conference or mediation, but not at any court hearing.

Contact our office today to find out how we can help you with limited scope representation related to a simple, uncontested divorce or small claims court matter.

Social Security
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Limited Scope Representation
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