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In addition to utilizing traditional office space to meet with clients, our firm utilizes a virtual law platform in order to assis​t clients with their legal needs no matter their physical location.  From filing bankruptcy to drafting a will or filing a claim for Social Security benefits, our online platform allows us to deliver seemless safe and secure representation to our clients. All communication between our firm and our clients is confidential.

We use a secure client portal for client communication, including case-related documents, invoices and payments.  The primary advantage of using a secure client portal is that our clients are given 24/7 access to everything going on with their case. 

As the world of transacting business is becoming more sophisticated, use of the Internet for doing things online has become the norm.  From banking, to shopping, to obtaining degrees, the Internet has changed how we do business.  So, if you don't necessarily have time to take time off from work in order travel to a fancy office to meet with your lawyer face-to-face for an issue that could otherwise be resolved without meeting in person, we believe our firm and its setup is ideal.  However, if you still prefer to meet with us in person for any reason at all, we still maintain dedicated office space where we can meet our clients or other attorneys.

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